Buy or rent

Buying is of course always possible. But art rental through our well-known rental / savings plans is also an option.

Through this art lending program with purchase option, you get the opportunity to get to know a work of art and to build up a personal relationship with it. With us, you can rent a work of art from all artists represented by us. We are convinced that these artists are active in the contemporary art world in an honest and professional way. The rental program can go over a minimum period of 12 months. For this, each month you will pay an amount that is in proportion to the value of the artwork.By subscribing to a rental agreement, you have priority at the end of the rental period to purchase the work for an amount that has been fixed at the conclusion of the agreement.

How it works

Companies can rent or rent / save in order to build their own collection. Private individuals can only rent / save.

Rent: Tenant pays 1.5% of the value of the artwork per month.
Rent / save: Tenant then pays 3% of the value of the artwork 1% is for the rent of the artwork and 2% is saving. The saved amount can be used for any artwork.

Calculation example painting 1000, – euro:
Painting renting 15, – euro per month.
Painting rent / save 30, – euro per month of which you save 20, – euro.